Corporate Holiday Party Made Simple


Get your photo booth on with fun holiday-inspired props in one of our sleek, modern booths.
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When it comes to corporate holiday parties they are either way awesome hit or a terrible miss. After all, your employees show up to work mostly because they’re paid to do so. When it comes to a party celebrating them and the holidays, host a corporate party that even the CEO is excited to attend.

Amazing Music. Not everyone wants to listen to Silent Night and Christmas Rock on repeat all night. So before you go out and buy Celine Dion’s Christmas album on the company card, consider hiring a DJ with a large collection of traditional holiday songs and other great and appropriate tunes. Leave the music in our hands and you can enjoy yourself as much as your guests without the worry of switching discs.


Lighting can make an event that much more special. Consider specialty lighting and uplighting to give your party that sparkle.
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Twinkling Lights. You’ve booked the venue but what about the decorations and mood lighting? They shouldn’t be forgotten. Rather than the typical decor of poinsettias and garland consider some fun colored uplighting and twinkle lights all around to really bring out the meaning of Christmas. We can help arrange a lighting palette that can match your theme or desired mood with our large arrangement of lighting and decor to suite your needs.


We have a variety of different lighting to fit your party’s theme or style. Contact us today for options on how to give your next event something to talk about.
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Capture Memories. We never know where we’ll be a year from now so we need to capture the moment now. Bring in a fun activity and let guests capture their memories with our photo booth rentals. Classy and modern, our booths give users the ability to capture, share on social media, and print all right there at the booth. And if the company would like a copy of all the great employees that made the year so successful, our booths can supply you with a disc of all the memories of the night.

The holidays are a huge time for renting photo booths, lighting, and music. Contact us today for more information on how we can tailor our event supplies to fit your needs.

Venue Review: Proximity Hotel

Looking for a beautiful venue for a beautiful wedding? We found the perfect location for you!

This unique hotel is not only the first Platinum LEED certified green hotel in the country, but it also can hold up to 175 people for those bigger celebrations! They have two very different style of rooms that will help set the perfect tone for your special day.

The Weaver Room is their largest room at 2,600 square feet and accommodating up to 200 for a reception and 150 for a sit-down dinner. It easily divides into a second smaller space if needed. According to, this room has elegant features including: 12-foot ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, and access to an outdoor terrace, it is an airy, well-lit room which offers wonderful vistas of the hotel’s surroundings, including the Bluebell Garden and 2.5 acres of natural habitat. The operable windows allow a nice evening breeze to blow through the room if preferred.








The Revolution Room is a bit smaller but still absolutely stunning.  It opens onto its own outdoor terrace, and is surrounded by several operable large windows. It has a built-in conference call feature, LCD projector, and projection screen as well as a wet bar. This area accommodates up to 80 guests for a sit-down dinner.


We believe this location is absolutely gorgeous! It’s elegant, classy and beyond beautiful. Any bride would be incredibly happy with this venue. We give it five out of five stars!



For more information please visit:

704 Green Valley Road, Greensboro, NC 27408

Or Call: 336-379-8200
Toll free: 1-800-379-8200